『Shengyuan Breakfast』

The story of Shengyuan started with a breakfast shop, with which our father supported our family financially. All his efforts were given to nourish and establish children and the family. Just as we grew into our adulthood, we suddenly lost our father. Shengyuan, our family, lost it’s strong wings.

The future of Shengyuan needed a successor, and despite none of us had any experience in running a shop, we decided to continue our father’s legacy. We believe that all his efforts shouldn’t be tossed away, because Shengyuan represents our father’s spirit, and is a symbol, which unites our family.

『Shengyuan XiaoLongBao』

Running a shop as a fresh starter was a challenge for us, and the future of Shengyuan seemed uncertain in the eyes of our neighborhood. We started from zero with our mother and the corner stone which our father left us. Today’s Shengyuan is a symbol, which unites our family. Shengyuan XiaoLongBao continues our father’s spirit and is the name of our home, where we thrive and keep growing.

“Delicious Xiaolongbao:)”

Their Xiaolongbao was MUCH better than those we had at Din Tain Fung!

Yo K

輕輕的撥開外皮後~裡面的餡汁馬上溢散出來! 光用看的就令人心情愉悅!




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